November 2014

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In this issue, Cindy McKay recalls the roots
of her storytelling sensibility.

The Scream
by Cindy McKay

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When Billy Fluger moved to the neighborhood, we were leery. He and his older sister Margie weren’t like the rest of us—for one thing, they only had one parent, Mr. Fluger, who mysteriously came and went in a rusted-out black pickup truck. No one knew what had happened to Mrs. Fluger, but the words “run off” were whispered around the block. We were afraid to ask.


Dammit author Mike Connell talks about how he was influenced by a horror movie from the ’60s.

Imprinted on Rosemary’s Baby
by Mike Connell

Imprinting was first described in the 19th century by Douglas Spalding, who observed it in chickens. It’s a common phenomenon. When geese are hatched, they imprint onto their mothers. This compels them to follow the mother around in a line. Konrad Lorenz popularized the notion by imprinting goslings onto his wading boots. Lorenz would put on his boots and a line of geese would dutifully follow him around town. The imprinting would have to happen in a critical period of 13-16 hours after birth, or it wouldn’t happen at all.

I’m imprinted on Rosemary’s Baby.


What happens when someone shares a story with us—a true story, a story from their heart-of-hearts?

We feel connected. We realize the commonality of our emotions. How we are, as human beings, all the same. We all falter. We all fear. We all stumble. And we can all come back stronger.

This book contains those stories.

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EVENT! Featured Reading by Dammit Author Laura Lind at the Carnegie Mellon University Bookstore (5032 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA), Monday, November 17 @ 5 p.m. Come hear Laura read and discuss “Mentor in the Dark.”

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